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So... About that BBS bullshit.

Posted by CountFuckula - March 31st, 2020

I know who this dude is. He lives in Chicago, and he seems to have nothing better to do than to be a cunt on the internet. He's been doing this shit for years, and seems (or pretends) to think I'm some child rapist or something. He made the same accusations years ago after getting all his alts deleted/locked before as a result of being a jerk in general to people in the first place. Apparently, SoreBigs has a sore ass, because he's still butthurt about all this.

But how to solve the buthhurt... I dunno, maybe stop being a cunt and people won't hate you?

Now, let's pretend for a minute that I really was the person he says I am. For starters, I don't do any kind of pedo/predator shit here. I regularly interact with several users on the BBS who are underage, and none of the interaction points to me being a kiddie fiddler. Even direct messages... I'm pretty sure Tom has access to this shit. Anyway, I looked up the info of the guy he claims I am, and apparently he had child porn on his computer. Okay, maybe he's a pedophile, maybe he just came across some underage content, as in 15, 16 or 17 year old girls (who can be hard to distinguish from adult women sometimes, especially to untrained eyes). So, does that make him a child molester/rapist? Not necessarily. Most guys caught with kiddie porn usually are, but it would be incorrect for me to draw that conclusion. Furthermore, no one believed this fag SoreBigs (known as @Drinze at the time) back then, and no one believes him now.

And honestly who gives a fuck if there was a pedo on Newgrounds, as long as they don't do any weirdo shit here. If there are, I don't know, and I don't want or need to know.

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Who do you mean man

You missed some... action... on the forums last night. I'm pretty sure Tom just got done cleaning up the mess. Someone made an account and accused me of being a child molester.

@Seth Holy shit man, I was asleep since i have a diffrent timezone. Man, things have gotten wild lately. Hope your fine after this.

I figured as much.
And yes, I'm fine, thanks for asking. How are you holding up?

Just studying and stuff as usual

Oh, good, at least you're not super bored. Keep at it. Schoolwork sucks, but by God the good employers look at grades, so they really matter.

Sound like an upgraded version of Leidolfr. I would play along and be happy with his presence.

No, that wasn't Leidolfr. Dude's typing style, general MO and choice of profile pic indicates that he was the guy who had a bunch of alts and relentlessly harassed people here. @Drinze was his main account. @daetj was his main alt.